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2017 Evolution Truck & Trailer Service
General and Preventive Maintenance Repairs
Our shop has 310T (Truck/Coach) and 310S (Automotive) certified technicians and apprentices who have spent years learning their trades. The heavy-duty and light-medium motor vehicle sector is constantly evolving, requiring that they keep abreast of the latest regulations and technologies. This allows them to repair your equipment knowledgeably and in a reasonable amount of time.
Preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure you don't have costly break-downs on the road. It can't be underestimated the value of a trained set of eyes checking over your equipment to assess problems or potential problems before they impact your bottom line unnecessarily. Towing charges alone can swallow up profits quickly. Or, a lost load due to improper temperature control management can impact your ongoing relationships in the supply chain.
Our customer service philosophy is to give you a heads-up whenever we can of potential problems before they happen so you can decide to fix now, or later. We take pride in working alongside our customers to keep them informed. Too often we hear from new customers about dealing with padded bills from other repair shops that are replacing parts unnecessarily. We've been in business as long as we have for sticking to our policy of integrity and honesty with our customers. Customer loyalty is something we highly value as a result of our philosophy.