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Heating & Cooling
2017 Evolution Truck & Trailer Service
Peace of Mind
Not sure whether the vehicle or unit you are thinking about buying is really a good investment? Don't go it alone. We can provide an assessment to provide peace of mind that the amount you're willing to pay matches the value of the equipment, or not. If we feel it's better to walk away from the "deal", we will tell you. There's nothing better than having some expertise to make an informed decision.
Another value-added feature we offer is keeping electronic records of the repairs and maintenance we perform on your equipment. Should you ever lose your copies, we can back you up by simply emailing you a copy. This has happened to many of our customers and our back-up system has saved the day.
Have a loaded trailer dispute? Customer doesn't want to pay you for the load? The new legislation requiring supply chain actors to maintain specific temperatures means that the trucking industry is ever more responsible to keep their refrigeration/heating equipment running a peak efficiency. We provide downloads from the on-board computer data and provide as a PDF document with the specific date-range in dispute. This has saved our customers thousands of dollars in lost revenues when the evidence shows that their systems were functioning properly.

We have a fully functional test bench to assess any Webasto heater so the heater can be removed, diagnosed with our software, and repaired while you can keep your fleet moving. This "plug-n-play" set-up reduces significant down-time.