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Heating & Cooling
2017 Evolution Truck & Trailer Service
Heating can be provided in a variety of ways, depending on the application. Reefers can provide heat as well as cooling capability. As an authorized Webasto dealer we can install and maintain heaters to ensure warmth when you need it. These completely off-the-grid solutions provide you with total independence - no need to plug into shorepower.
Reefers maintain temperature, no matter the ambient temperature outside. So if it's the dead of a cold winter, your cargo is protected at the set-point you need.
No more cold starts or idling.  Preheating ensures consistent starts in the coldest of weather. Reduce maintenance costs. Engine pre-heating systems pay for themselves in one season and then it's savings from there on in!
When you need to keep your product from freezing there are several solutions, based on your requirements.
Inside cars, light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, our heaters aren't just for human comfort, they improve health and safety, reduce idling and save money.